Fair Trade Gifts

Welcome to the home of fair trade gifts by The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium. Specialising in fair trade gifts from India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand.  We also offer some hand produced items made here in the UK.

About our fair trade gifts

Fair Trade GiftsAt The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium we believe that the gifts we sell should not only be well made, fun and eye catching but also ethically sourced and fair trade.  This means that the suppliers we purchase through work closely with the producers to make sure that the gifts we receive are produced by happy well paid workers.

Wherever possible recycled materials are used to produce gifts as well as using sustainable sources of materials, for example and to name just a couple; Mango wood which is fast growing and easily sustainable, bamboo which is very fast growing and so sustainable. As many of our handmade gifts are made from eco-friendly or recycled materials they add that special element to the gift, helping support eco thinking.

The great thing about the gifts we sell is the way in which they are produced, many of the wonderful items are skilfully Fair-Trade-Giftshandmade by artisans who still use traditional techniques that have been preserved and handed down the generations, often these artisans are small family groups who produce the items as a cottage industry.  Many members of the family get involved in the production of the handicraft items and so the skills required are passed down from generation to generation with each new generation giving it’s own twist of ideas to the making new and interesting gifts.

Fair trade gifts make unique and interesting items to give as presents, decorate your home or just purchase because you like the look of them.  It is our aim to bring you the best in fair trade gifts from around the world and so we work closely with our suppliers to make sure we have a wonderful selection.

You can explore our wide range of unique ethical, fair trade handicrafts and hopefully find the perfect gift for him or her.  From beautiful handcrafted and eye catching  jewellery to cleverly carved trinket boxes we have a wide range so tempt you.

Not content with just offering you gifts from the list of previously mentioned countries we also offer some wonderful handmade items that are produced here in the UK, we make sure these gifts fit with our ethical stance and match the kind of products that we stock.

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