About us

Welcome to our ‘about us’ page.

My name is Simon and with my wife Nici we run The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium.  Since 2010 we have mainly been involved in the sale and design of fair trade clothing but a few years ago we started to move towards stocking and selling fair trade gifts as we thought they fit nicely with the clothing that we stock.  This is the website dedicated solely to our fantastic range of gifts.

As we already have suppliers that work closely with fair trade gift producers in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala and Nepal it was an easy decision to make.  Many of the gifts we sell on our website can also be found dotted around our home or given to friends as we love not only the unique nature of many of the items but the quality, time and effort that can be seen in each item.

Our gifts are hand produced in the country of origin and are often made by small groups including families, groups of local women and small business owners who enjoy producing the products they create.  Many of the businesses are family run and have been passed down from generation to generation with the skills needed being passed down the line.  These people love what they do and are proud to be able to make a living and support their families.


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