Eco Friendly Gifts

Eco Friendly Gifts

Many of our fair trade gifts are produced using eco friend methods, this means that in most cases materials are taken from sustainable sources like mango wood, coconut and bamboo. Many of our items are also made using recycled materials like .

Eco friendly gifts, what does it mean?

eco friendly gifts - coconut thumb piano In an ever changing world its important to make sure as a species we try and maintain an equal balance between commerce and the environment, with an emphasis on sustainability and recycling taking centre stage. The best way to make changes is in the reeducation of western nations as most of the waste we now find in our ocean comes form developed countries, things are starting to change but it is a slow process.  Many of the countries we source our gifts from are looking at ways to produce sustainable or recycled Eco friendly gifts. Eco friendly really means producing a gift with causing the least amount of negative impact on the environment, using sustainable materials like bamboo and mango wood is a good starting point as well as recycling items.

What Eco friendly items are gifts made from?

On the island of Indonesia they use coconut shells to produce things such as bowls, thumb pianos, windchimes and much more, instead of this shell becoming a waste product they make sure it has another use and as the coconut industry is big business in Indonesia using the shells is helping stop needless waste.

Old glass coke bottles still wash up on many beaches around the world, instead of just throwing this beach rubbish away many ingenious craftsman melt the clear bottles down and reform them as vases or works of glass art.  Its not stopping the bottles from arriving in the first place but it is using them to create a business and clean up the beach in the same instant.

Many old drinks cans have been turned into figurines, clocks or other works of art. Old bicycle chains are turned into statues, clocks and picture frames.  Old newspaper can be turned into picture frames, pencils or book covers. Its really quite surprising how clever the craftsman can be at turning pieces of what we would call rubbish into fantastic Eco friendly gifts.

Mango wood is used to produce many of our boxes and wooden items, mango trees have a short life span for producing fruit.  When the life span is over the fruit producers want the trees gone so they can plant more.  This wood is fast growing and perfect for the production of wooden gifts.

What about you and me?

Many of our gifts are produced using Eco friendly methods, depending on the materials involved its not always possible to use recycled or sustainable materials however wherever possible the craftsman use them in the production of their gift items.  Using sustainable and recycled items benefits the producers as it means items can be acquired cheaply or at no cost, using these kinds of materials also means they are helping change their own environment for the better. Now all we need to do is change our ways so we can lessen the effect we as western nations have on these smaller countries.  Think before you throw your rubbish away, recycle whatever you can and try to be mindful of the items you are buying, we know its not always possible but small steps lead to big changes.

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