Ethical Gifts

Our range of ethical gifts have been sourced from a range of countries including Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Many are produced using sustainable or recycled materials.

What are ethically sourced gifts really about?

Ethical giftsHaving items that are fair trade doesn’t naturally mean that they are produced ethically, but having items that are produced using ethically sourced materials such as wood that is fast growing (Mango wood), or recycled items such as metals from old bikes (bike chains), textiles and other recycled or sustainable sources is a step in the right direction.

With the ever increasing rubbish ending up in our seas some of the countries we deal with have a unique way of dealing with this trash.  Old glass coke bottles can be melted down and used to make vases or planters, along with coasters.  Bottle tops from the same bottles can be used to make picture frames and other works of art.  You’ll also be surprised what the artists on Indonesia can do with an old drinks can. The people of these communities know that this is not a solution but they are making the best they can with the materials that are being provided to them, it’s just a shame that they end up recycling the rubbish that we throw away.ethical gifts

Keeping it real

As well as making sure the materials that are used in the production of these wonderful gifts are sourced ethically, we also want to make sure that the people involved in the production process are not forced into work and chained to a work station all day. We work very closely with our suppliers who visit the manufacturing outlets on a regular basis to make sure all is well and the people are happy, it should also be said at this point that many of the gifts produced are produced in small villages where families often sit together passing on the knowledge of their trade onto younger members of the family and so keeping traditional production methods alive.

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