Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Places To Hang Them

Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Places To Hang Them

Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Places To Hang ThemWindchimes are such a wonderful addition to any home. They look and sound amazing and so, we want to share with you our range of fair trade windchimes and the best places to hang them.
So what exactly are windchimes??? Well, essentially they are a percussion instrument due to their elements and the way that they are constructed. They are not generally used as a musical instrument however. They are used as a decorative piece of home decor.Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Paces To Hang Them - Tiki Hut WIndchie

Constructed of rods that are usually made from wood or metal, the rods are suspended along with a weight of some kind or, a striker. The weight or striker is designed so that when the wind blows it bangs into the rods causing a chime. They are a little more technical than that but hey, I am sure you don’t want to hear the ins and outs of how our fair trade windchimes are made.

Our Range

Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Paces To Hang Them - Carved Wood & MetalWe have a great selection here for you which is ever growing. We have style and elegance and we have fun and playful. It really all depends on your tastes and where you want to put them.  They make a sound that is mesmerising and relaxing. A sound that most people tend to enjoy. All of our chimes can be enjoyed by all ages and often are. Although mostly they are bought for adults, over the years I know people that buy them for their young kids. It seems that kids find them soothing.

If low key and elegant is your style then we have some stunning windchimes that are made from carved wooden bars with metal rods. The work that has gone into these is vast and they carvings are so intricate. Only a skilled woodworker could have made these! We also have some bamboo triple bars which again have metal chimes. The three bamboo bars all have patterns burnt into them and they look beautiful.

If you are after something a little more fun, something that you know the whole family will love then you want to take a look at out selection of nodding windchimes. These beauties are made from bamboo and other sustainable materials such as discarded coconut shells. They come in the form of birds, ducks and even dragons just to name some.

Where to Hang Your Fair Trade Windchime

Now that we have told you a little about our collection, we thought that we would share with you some of the best places to hang them.Fair Trade Windchimes and The Best Places To Hang Them - Nodding Dragon
In all honesty you can hang them wherever you like because, they truly look great anywhere! If you want to get the best out of them however and be able to regularly hear them chime then you want to choose one of these 2 places;

  1. By a window – if you hang them by a window then as soon as there is a slight breeze, it will come through and cause the chimes to start tinkling.  I would advise against keeping it near an open window in a bedroom whilst trying to sleep. As lovely as they sound, unless you can get to sleep without issue then I would hang not in a wind stream!
  2. Outside – not everyone has a garden or an area outside to hand one but, if you do you will hear it often. Outside they are fully open to all breezes small or large and you can enjoy them in full effect. We have some out in the garden hanging from fruit trees and another by the front door.
    As I sit and write this, there is a gale blowing and I can her the chimes often. It is wonderful!

Now depending on what type of fair trade windchime you get, they will make different sounds. The metal chimes make a different sound to the bamboo chimes. This of course is to be expected. Both sounds are just as nice as the other, it all just comes down to personal preference.

What Next

Now that we have told you about our  fair trade windchimes and the best places to hang them, you now just need to choose what one you want and where you are going to put it.
They also make wonderful fair trade gifts.


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