Handicraft Gifts

Our range of handicraft gifts are perfect for people who like unique fun and quirky gifts.  Help brighten up someones day or add a unique touch to your home with a great range of handmade gift ideas.

What are handicraft gifts?

Handicraft GiftsHandicraft is the skilled activity of producing by hand decorative gifts or objects, this ranges from things like jewellery, hand carved trinket boxes to beautiful embroidery bags and textiles. Often the tradition of making said objects is passed down from generation to generation and so the skills are kept within the family, village or region making sure the people always have a skill that can be used to fend for themselves.

Using handicraft to produce items means that many more people can get involved as heavy machinery is not needed, this saves massively on costs for small family run businesses and means that they maintain the skills to produce wonderful handmade items. Many of the skills used today are the same handicraft skills the producers have been using for many years.

What kind of Handicraft techniques are used?

When it comes to handicraft gift production the craftsmen (or women) use techniques that have been passedHandicraft Gifts down through the generations. Here are a few examples of the kind of techniques used in the production of our gifts.

Wood carving is a popular skill that is used in the production of our trinket boxes, plaques and statues but to name a few. Using sustainable wood the craftspeople carefully cut and shape the gift items by hand, the detail that goes into the carvings really shows how well these people have taken to their art.

Many of our fair trade gift items are painted, the artists use several different methods with the dot technique being one of the most popular.  This skilled form of art is created by using rods or brushes, the end is dipped into paint and then dots are added to the item in patterns to create a wonderful work of art.

Mosaic designs might look relatively simple but to create the perfect results the artist really has to known what they are doing.  Mosaic designs are used in our handmade mirrors, the artists carefully select and cut pieces to size and shape, then using pre-prepared designs they add the pieces around the mirror, once finished the mirrors look fantastic.

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