Cotton Throw – Turquoise Chakra – Wall Hanging – Bed Spread


Cotton Throw – Turquoise Chakra – Wall Hanging – Bed Spread


Fair Trade Cotton Throw – Turquoise Chakra
-Single size cotton throw-

Our fair trade cotton throws are handmade in India. Using methods that involve hand dying and hand printing these beautiful throws are brought to life.  These throws are made from a soft cotton material and are great as bed spreads, wall hangings, picnic blankets or as a throw.

Each throw has been tie dyed red and then hand printed with a black Buddha image and symbols.
In Sanātana/Hindu and tantric/yogic traditions and other belief systems chakras are energy points or knots in the subtle body. Chakras are part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels, called nadiis. There are many chakras in the subtle human body according to the tantric texts, but there are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones.

Approximate size
210cm x 140cm 

100% Cotton

Due to the fact these fair trade throws are hand dyed and hand printed in India they may vary slightly.

If you need to wash this item then we recommend you only handwash separately in cold water and line dry.

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