Dangley String of Hearts with Bell


Dangley String of Hearts with Bell


Fair Trade Dangley String of Hearts with Bell

If you like things that dangle then this fair trade string of brightly coloured hearts is perfect for you, each stuffed hearts has been handmade in India from a combination of sparkly threads and materials, at the bottom of the string can be found a small bell which jingles in the breeze.

Upon each string can be found 5 hearts and between each of these hearts is some fantastic bead decoration as well as pom poms.
The producers have added a very handy hoop to the top of the string so you can hang the string nice and easily.

These dangleys are perfect for hanging in between doorways or by windows.
For a great affect you can purchase more than one dangley and hang them together.

Handmade in India
Approx Total Length: 100cm

This is a handmade fair trade item and so items will vary slightly, although the colours will remain largely the same, the colour placement may vary

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