Dreamcatcher – Rope Tree of Life with Wooden Beads


Dreamcatcher – Rope Tree of Life with Wooden Beads


Fair Trade Dreamcatcher – Rope Tree of Life with Wooden Beads

This fair trade dreamcatcher is round in shape and has very cleverly been crafted into a tree of life using rope and wooden beads. The mellow soft colour lends easily to most rooms and looks stylish as well as fun.

Tree of life
The tree of life is a widespread myth related to the concept of the sacred tree. The tree of life, connecting all forms of creation is a form of the world tree or cosmic tree and is portrayed in various religions and philosophies also known as the tree of knowledge.

This Native American style Dream catcher is perfect for hanging around the home or office.

Every single Dream catcher we sell has been 100% made by hand.
They are made in Bali Indonesia by a team of ladies.

The Dreamcatcher, when hung above a bed or near a window moves freely in the air and catches the dreams as they float by.
As the good dreams know the way to the dreamer they easily slip through the webbing and slide down off the soft feathers towards the dreamer, this happens so gently that the sleeper below sometimes hardly even knows he is dreaming. The bad dreams are unable to find their way to the dreamer and so get entangled in the webbing and perish in the first light of day.

Dreamcatchers make the perfect gift for anyone as they help add a splash of colour to any room and are said to help chase away those bad dreams.

Handmade in Bali Indonesia
Made from rope and wooden beads

Approximate sizes as follows:
Web size: H: 12cm x W: 12 cm

Due to the handmade nature of these fair trade dreamcatchers they will vary slightly.
This means there may be slight variations in the colour and beads.

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