Güiro – Croaking Wooden Frog – Large


Güiro – Croaking Wooden Frog – Large


Fair Trade Güiro – Large Wooden Croaking Frog

When it comes to these fair trade Güiro‘s this bad boy is definitely in charge, this is the biggest of the Croaking Frog Güiro‘s.
If your croaking needs are lofty and you require a loud croak then this massive 26cm in length Güiro is probably the one for you. 

This fair trade carved wooden frog is handmade in Thailand from sustainable acacia wood.
Acacia wood grows at a reasonable rate with trees reaching maturity for carving items after about 8 years.

These great little instruments are fantastic for kids and adults alike.

Made in Thailand
Hand Carved from acacia wood

Approximate size:
Length 26cm
Height 16cm
Width 17

How to use the Güiro
This instrument is simple and fun to play with adults and kids enjoying the croaking fun.
Just run the provided stick along the ridges on the back from rear to front to make it croak,
or you can tap it on the head to make a ‘pock’ sound.

Children love this fun frog shaped musical instrument.

This fair trade item will vary slightly due to handmade nature of the item as well as the natural wood that is used. 

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