Handmade Pewter Daisy Necklace with Amethyst Gem


Handmade Pewter Daisy Necklace with Amethyst Gem


Handmade Recycled English Pewter Necklace

This wonderful item of jewellery had been hand crafted in the heart of the Cornish tin mining area. Each design is hand drawn and then produced in wax, once the moulds are made recycled tin and copper is mixed and poured, each item is then produced using centrifugal moulds.

Cornwall is famous for its tin mining and although no mines have been active since 2007 the ground is still full of deposits and for many locals tin (main ingredient in pewter) is still in their blood. .

Handmade in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Pendant Made from Pewter
Pewter is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ), Copper and Antimony .

Chain is silver plated

Approximate size
Pendant: Width 20mm x Height 20mm
Chain: 18in/45cm

This fair trade recycled pendant makes for a perfect gift idea.

Please note these items are hand finished and so may vary slightly 

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Additional information

Weight 201 g
Caring for new pewter

Pewter my become slightly dull over time however with a little knowhow you can have that shiny look in no time. To prevent your pewter from becoming dull or dirty we recommend washing it in warm soapy water and then drying gently with a cloth.