Hardback Notebook – Om


Hardback Notebook – Om


Fair Trade Hardback Notebook – Om

These rustic style fair trade notebooks are made using a fine chipboard which is made from sawdust and small chips from the production of other wood crafts, this is a great way to recycle and reuse so nothing goes to waste, this supports sustainability as well as keeping things as Eco friendly as possible.
The paper found on the inside of this notebook is made from plain recycled paper.
The finished product is fantastic and finished off with a carving of the Om symbol. A sacred symbol for many.
The notebooks have then been bound using twine and hinges have been added to give them the olde rustic feeling.

Notebooks make perfect gifts for almost anyone as they are perfect for keeping day to day notes, keeping food diaries or just doodling.

Handmade in Indonesia

Approx Notebook Dimensions
Height – 21cm
Width – 17cm
Approx – 48 pages

Due to the fact that these fair trade notebooks are handmade from natural materials they will vary slightly.

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