Plain Wooden Hand Drum


Plain Wooden Hand Drum


Fair Trade Plain Wooden Hand Drum

Some times simple is best and these plain fair trade wooden hand drums are simple but effective.
Handmade in Bali from a combination of wood and goats skin these drums produce a loud drum sound when played.
Each of these drums is made up of several parts; a turned wooden handle, wooden bead strikers, and a goat skin head. Unlike some of our other hand drums this one has been left plain and so is striking in its simplicity.

Hand drums are easy to play and produce a great sound.
When playing a hand drum your aim is to get the beaters (or beads) to bang against the drum skin, this is achieved by holding the drum by the handle vertically between outstretched hands (as if you are going to rub the handle between your hands). The head of the drum should sit at the top. Rub your hands together and the drum rotates causing the beads to strike each face of the drum in quick succession, change the speed with which you rub your hands to achieve different beats.  Make sure you hold the drum away from your face as you don’t want those beaters to hit you instead of the drum.

These hand drums make a great addition to your own musical instrument collection as well as making superb fair trade gifts.

Made in Bali, Indonesia

Made From:
Drum Body – Wood
Drum Skin – Goat Skin

Size: Approx 7cm ∅ × 20cm

These fair trade musical instruments are handmade from natural materials and so will vary slightly.

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