Resin Statue – Buddha – Small


Resin Statue – Buddha – Small


Fair Trade Resin Buddha Statue – Small

These wonderful fair trade Buddha statues are very detailed and complex works of art.
Each statue is first created, usually this is done in wax.  The artist carves the statue from the wax and then creates a mould, the mould is then duplicated and then used to create the final finished statue.  The resin is poured into the mould and then once it is set the statue is tidied up ready to be sold.

The mudra (hand gestures) depicted in this resin charm is one of the most common that you will see and is known as the touching the earth mudra. This represents Buddhas calling of the earth to witness his fulfilment of virtue. In this mudra the left hand sits in his lap and the right rests over his thigh with the fingers either pointing to the earth or sometimes touching the earth.

This buddha statue reminds us of the peace and calm of Buddha along with the virtues he represents.

Made in India
100% resin

Approx Size
6cm x 9cm x 4cm

These fair trade statues are handmade and so may vary slightly.
These spiritual statues make for great gifts.

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