Resin Statue Charm – Elephant – Tiny


Resin Statue Charm – Elephant – Tiny


Fair Trade Elephant Good Luck Statue, Pocket Charm – Tiny

These small charms are handmade in Thailand, due to their size they can fit in your pocket and make for wonderful gifts.
Symbolising good luck and prosperity these wonderful little elephant figures make for great pocket charms.

These wonderful fair trade three wise monkey statues are very detailed and complex works of art, they are produced from a nice dark coloured resin.
Each statue is first created, usually this is done in wax.  The artist carves the statue from the wax and then creates a mould, the mould is then duplicated and then used to create the final finished statue.  The resin is poured into the mould and then once it is set the statue is tidied up ready to be sold.

Handmade in Thailand where elephants have been revered for many years.
So much so that the 13th of March is now National Elephant day!

These tiny elephants make for wonderful gifts

Made in Thailand
100% resin

Approx Size
4cm × 3cm × 2.5cm

These fair trade statues are handmade and so may vary slightly.
These spiritual statues make for great gifts.

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