Suncatcher – Multicoloured Dreamcatcher Design


Suncatcher – Multicoloured Dreamcatcher Design


Multicoloured Fair Trade Resin  Suncatcher in Dreamcatcher Design 
This dreamcatcher style suncatcher is made from a mixture of coloured resin and metal wire.
This great looking suncatcher is based on the Native American dreamcatcher which is normally made from a mixture or twine, feathers and beads.

The metal wire is soldered together into the desired shape and then the panels are filled with the resin.
Once the resin has set it produces a wonderful transparent window with which light can stream through.

The dreamcatcher is well known in Native American culture and is said to help stop bad dreams from getting into the mind of the dreamer who uses one.  This colurful looking suncatcher will certainly give you something nice to dream about when you see the sun catch the coloured panels.

These fair trade suncatchers are perfect for hanging in a window, patio door or even in the garden and come complete with a hoop for hanging connected to a hanging line.

Handmade in Indonesia
Made from Metal and Resin
15cm Diameter ∅
30cm Drop

Due to the handmade nature of these items they will vary slightly,
which is great as you’ll have a nice unique item to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

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