Thumb Piano – Guitar Shaped Box


Thumb Piano – Guitar Shaped Box


Fair Trade Thumb Piano – Guitar Shaped Box

This expertly handmade fair trade guitar shaped thumb piano is made from several pieces of crafted wood, once assembled the thumb piano resembles a guitar shape. Once the guitar has taken shape the top of the piano is decorated with burnt patterns, this is done by heating metal tools and applying them to the wood.

This thumb piano has a hollow base which creates a resonating chamber which is great for producing better sound.

Wonderful fair trade gift for people who like to play hand instruments. 

Handmade in Indonesia
Made from wood

Length 17cm

Width 13cm
7 Tines (metal notes to play)
The tines can also be tuned by loosening the screws and changing the length of the metal.

Due to the handmade nature of these fair trade gifts and the fact that natural materials are used they will vary slightly.

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