Wooden Hand Drum – Damru Drum


Wooden Hand Drum – Damru Drum


Fair Trade Wooden Hand Drum – Damru Drum

These colourful fair trade hand drums are all handmade and hand painted in India. Mango wood is used in the production of these drums as it is sustainable and readily available.
Not content with just shouting out about their wares street vendors often use this little instruments to attract the attention of would be customers as this colourful dual headed drums can certainly create a sound.

These hand drums are easy to play, simply hold the drum in the middle and shake rhythmically so that the arms with the wooden beads strike the skin. Adjust the speed with which you move your hand and this will adjust the beat of the drum, simples.

These Damru (also spelt Damaru) drums make a great addition to your own musical instrument collection as well as making superb fair trade gifts.

Made in India
Made from Mango wood
Size: Approx 9cm ∅ × 12cm

These fair trade musical instruments are handmade from natural materials and so will vary slightly.

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