Wooden Wall Plaque – ‘Gone to a festival’ Wellington Boot


Wooden Wall Plaque – ‘Gone to a festival’ Wellington Boot


Fair Trade Wooden Wall Plaque – ‘Gone to a festival’ Wellington Boot

This hand carved boot shaped wooden plaque has been hand crafted in Bali Indonesia.
The craftsman takes a piece of chunky sustainable wood and prepares it for carving, using skills handed down through generations the artist carefully carved the text and image into the wood. The details are then hand painted, the wood is finished in a rustic look.

This wooden plaque has the words ‘Gone to a festival’ along with painting of flowers.
The plaque is shaped like a wellington boot, just like those wellies you wear at your favourite festival 

This wooden plaque can easily be mounted to a wall via the thick thine cord.  
Or you can just hang it over a door knob, a nail in the wall, a fence post, over your arm or wherever you think looks best. 

Handmade in Indonesia
100% Sustainable wood

Approximate Size
Length 24cm
Width 14.5cm
Thickness 1.5cm

Wooden plaques make for great gift ideas to help liven up any home or work place. 

Due to the handmade nature of this fair trade plaque and use of natural wood this item will vary slightly.

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Weight 250 g