Wooden Wall Plaque – Round Dragon


Wooden Wall Plaque – Round Dragon


Fair Trade Wooden Wall Plaque – Carved Dragon

Hand crafted in Indonesia, this wooden plaque is created from a single flat piece of sustainable wood which is then carved into a round shape with dragon cut out detail in the middle, once carved this fair trade wall plaque is polished to create a finish that will really stand out.

This wooden plaque has been hand carved into a semi round plaque which includes the image of a dragon.

Handmade in Indonesia
100% Sustainable wood

Approximate Size
Diameter 20cm ∅
Thickness 2cm

Wooden plaques make for great gift ideas to help liven up any home or work place. 

Due to the handmade nature of this fair trade plaque and use of natural wood this item will vary slightly.



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Weight 375 g