Fair Trade Fashion

Fair Trade fashionWhether you are aware of it or not, fair trade fashion is relevant to everyone. Often when people think fashion the most prevalent thought that pops into most heads is clothing. Here at fair trade gifts, we focus on the accessories that look magnificent alongside your chosen style of clothing.

Our Range of Fashion

Leave it to us to cater for your fair trade fashion. We have you covered for all four seasons. Cold and warm we have the fashion for you! Our range is every growing as and when we find something that we think that you will like.

Hats – from summer hats to shade your head and face from the sun, all the way through to fleece lined wool hats to shield your head and ears from the bitter cold.
Hair Accessories – hair forks and hair sticks galore to not only hold the hair back from your face but to also add some grace to you do. Also you can find many different types of head bands in either cotton or wool depending on the season and the occasion.

Jewellery – almost everyone loves a little bit of jewellery. Whether it be something that you wear day in and day out or, just something that comes out on a special occasion.

Fair Trade BagsBags – male or female there are times when we all need a bag of some kind.
Weekend bags, passport bags, shoulder bags and even reusable shopping bags, we have many for you to choose from.

Wallets and Purses – where else would we hold our money. From plain and simple to elaborately embroidered, we try to cater for all fashion wants.

Fair Trade Gift Ideas

As well as something that you would use on a day to day basis, our fair trade fashion makes for wonderful and well received fair trade gifts.
Gifts like these show thought for the person that you are buying for as clearly you know their tastes