Fair Trade Bags

Fair Trade BagsFair trade bags are great items that most of us could not do without. Men included!  More often than not bags are used on a daily basis to carry our day to day things. Our bits and bobs that we need often, our things that are too much for our pockets.

It is because of this that bags have become an item of fashion. An accessory that has become a necessity for many.

Types of Bag

There are so many different types of bags that are suited to many occasions and there are times where we will have more than one on our persons.

Fair Trade Reusable Shopping Bags

Re-usable shopping bags – these fair trade

shopping bags are a godsend and are super eco-friendly. No longer are plastic shopping bags required when you have one of these stored away with you.

Shoulder bags – these are your standard day to day bags. Ones that you can seem to fill with no end and come with you everywhere.

Passport bags – dinky wee bags that are slightly larger than the size of your passport for the times when you need a bag but just something small for the essentials.

Our fair trade bags come in such a variety of sizes, styles and designs that we have something suited for all tastes. Plain, bright and funky, elaborate embroidery you choose.

As well as something for yourself, why not treat a friend or loved to a bag. They make amazing fair trade gifts.