Fair Trade Bracelets

Fair Trade BraceletsFair trade bracelets make a wonderful addition to any outfit. Here you will find some really stunning jewellery that has been skilfully and ethically handmade.  Lots of love and care has gone into each bracelet which has been made just for you.

What a selection we have here for you. With materials that have been ethically sourced, you can be sure that you will have something truly unique.

Copper BraceletsFair Trade Bracelets - Copper Bracelet

Handmade by skilled artisans in Nepal from copper, these bracelets are suitable for both men and women. From simple styles with mantras etched into the body to more elaborate designed with two tone colours we have something for everyone.
Copper bracelets are said to help with aches and pains, more specifically arthritis. Although this has not been proven, many many people wear them and swear by them! Hey, even if they don’t, they look amazing!


Fair Trade Bracelets - BombanglesThe name suggests that these fairly traded bracelets are made from bombs. Well, that is 100% correct. These bracelets have been handmade in Laos from the aluminium salvaged from unexploded bombs. These recycled materials are gathered by the families who themselves salvage the bombs.
Wow! Because of this, each bangle is purchased at around 5 times their market value. What great ethical gifts these would make.