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Fair Trade Home Decor

Fair Trade Home DecorWelcome to our selection of fair trade home decor. In short home decor means home decoration. Our range is designed to help you to decorate and beautify your home and living space with things that you love. Bright, stunning and ethical items are a winner because everyone loves looking at things that make them smile. We have something here for every room and something to suit all tastes.

UniqueFair Trade Bookends

Because we know home decor items make for wonderful fair trade gifts in addition of course to the pieces that you buy for your own home, we have an ever growing range that we are always adding to.
One of the great things about the items that you will find on our store is that they are unique. Due to the fact that every item is handmade, no two items are identical.  This means that your house will be truly unique!

Our Range

Fair Trade WindchimesFrom suncatchers and windchimes to add sweet sound and colour to your home through to rugs, throws and wall hangings you can be guaranteed to find something to make your house stand out from the norm and make it different to everyone else’s. We even have beautiful mobiles made from saa paper that would look amazing in kid’s rooms (or any room for that matter).

If there is something in particular that you are looking for but cannot find in our fair trade gift store then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy see what we can do.