Fair Trade Dreamcatchers

Fair Trade DreamcatchersOur fair trade dreamcatchers have all been hand made using traditional methods and are made in Bali Indonesia by very skilled artisans.

Originally invented by Native Americans to keep the bad spirits at bay that would disrupt the dreams of sleeping children. Often hung over cribs of sleeping infants they were woven to mimic spiders webs which symbolised the trap. Protection for the children was key because children are the future much as it is today in our society.Fair Trade Dreamcatchers - Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

Traditionally dreamcatchers were made using willow bark and string. Over the years the materials used have changed. This is because there are many more materials available to us. As a result of this we can make many different types for you. Large, small, and a plethora of different shapes.

Fair Trade Dreamcatchers - Tree of Life Rope DreamcatcherIn this day and age, dreamcatchers are used not just for children but for adults too. And, to be honest, they are not necessarily used for protection. They look great and so, people use them as part of their fair trade home decor. With so many varieties and colours available, there is something to suit every home and every room.