Fair Trade Suncatchers

Fair Trade SuncatchersFair Trade suncatchers are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to your home. They work best when they are placed near a window, in doorways or, an alternative source of light. The suns rays hit the suncatcher and then project the colours around the room. It looks stunning!

How They are Made

Fair Trade Suncatcher - Flower of Life

These beautiful pieces of fair trade home decor are made using templates. A piece of wood is used as the template with pegs in which depict the shape of the desired suncatcher. Wire is then wrapped around the pegs which is then soldered to ensure the shape holds. Once the soldering is complete, the template is then filled with brightly coloured resin which is left to dry.

Once dried the hanging wire and loop is then added so that you can hang them anywhere that you like. We have seen them in so many places. For example houses as you would expect and even camper vans.

Types of Suncatchers

Fair Trade Suncatchers - String of DragonfliesHere at our fair trade gifts store we love sun catchers. This is why we have such an array of styles and designs for you. From single suncatchers to strings of suncatchers.

For the singles we have giant mandalas, dreamcatchers and even unicorns just to name a few. For the strings we have another great selection for you from chickens, to birds and even elephants.

If you love bright colours and fabulous designs or you have a friends that love all things bright then they truly do make wonderful gifts.