Fair Trade Windchimes

Fair Trade windchimesBe prepared to be transported somewhere magical with our range of fair trade windchimes.  Our windchimes can be placed near an open window, out  in the garden or somewhere near a breeze.  As the wind blows and the breeze flows though the chimes, they knock together to make a truly wonderful sound.


As a fair trade gift store we strive to be as eco friendly as possible. This is why our wooden windchimes are all made from sustainable materials. Fair Trade Windchime - Bamboo Tiki Hut
Bamboo is the chosen wood for these fair trade chimes as not only does it look great and is easy to work with, it is fast growing too. Fast growing means that is can be cut down and used without detriment to the sustainability to the plant.

Many of the windchimes also have parts made from coconut shells. Instead of wasting the husks after the flesh has been removed they reuse them to craft gifts.

Types of Fair Trade Windchimes

Fair Trade Windchime - Bamboo and Coconut - Nodding BirdBecause we know just how much people love choice, we have a superb range here for you. We have plain fair trade windchimes and decorative chimes. Bamboo and coconut and also metal. We even have some with parts that move in the wind alongside the chimes.

What perfect fair trades gifts they make.