Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance

Fair Trade Home Fragrance

There is nothing nicer than fair trade home fragrance. Walking into and around your home smelling the wonderful bouquets that you have chosen to scent your home with. Whether you are going for fresh, comforting or enlivening, we have the smellies for you. It all depends on your mood and the room.


Fair Trade T-Light CandlesWe have a wonderful selection of scented candles here or you to choose from.

We have tea light candles that you just can pop into a little holder and away you go. Not only do they smell amazing but they are sculpted into delicate flowers.

In addition to our sculpted t-lights we also have jarred candles. These beauties are made from soya bean and smell delicious. With scents like home bakery, cucumber & mint and even peach smoothy you will want to put them everywhere.


From one of the nations favourites Nag Champa through to new and Traditional Tibetan Incenseexciting fragrances there is a great range here at The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium. With over 70 different types of incense you really are spoilt for choice.

Candles and incense are just to name a couple of the home fragrance collections that we have for you. There is oh so much more.

Also just remember that most people have some kind of scents in their homes and so our range makes great fair trade gifts.