Fair Trade Candles

Fair Trade CandlesFair trade candles are used in their millions each year across the globe. Almost all households use them in some way and have done for centuries. The uses have changed throughout the years however, as have the types. In recognition and as a result of this, we are pleased to welcome you to our page.


Quality Candles

The candles that you will get from us are amazing quality, not to mention fair trade. The quality is top notch and, they smell absolutely delicious.

We have a range of Soya wax which are presented in glass jars and come in a variety of delicious scents. You can find fresh scents like cucumber, spicy scents like ginger and nice homely scents like fresh linen and baby powder amongst many more. Because people like variety we like to give you lots of choice.

In addition to the Soya bean jars we also offer sculpted t-lights which are just beautiful. In addition to looking amazing,  the sculpted t-lights are scented too.

Each and everyone of our candles have been lovingly made and make fantastic fair trade gifts.
Make a friend or family member happy today with some new home fragrance.