Incense Gift Sets

Incense Gift Sets

Fair Trade Incense Gifts Sets

Fair Trade Incense Gift SetsIncense is one of the most popular methods of home fragrance right across the globe. We buy if for ourselves and, because we know others love it, we buy it as a fair trade gift for others. This is the reason that we now have a range for incense gift sets. Welcome!

What is a gift?

A gift is something that is given willingly and lovingly to another person without request for payment, It is a present. We give gifts to people for many reasons – Birthday’s, Christmas, Weddings and often times to say thank you. Sometimes there is no reason to give a gift other than the fact that you want to. Just because – these are the best gifts for giving and receiving.

Our Incense Gift Sets Fair Trade Incense Gift Set

All of our gift sets come in a box and all contain a holder for your incense. Some contain a mix of sticks and cones while others contain sticks and a candle.

The fragrances differ – we offer mixed sets where you get a range of scents and others offer specific flavours such and rose and lavender or orange and lemon.

Fair Trade Incense Gift Set - ChakraSome of the sets offer a specific purpose for example, we have chakra sets which are designed to work with a specific chakra. These beautiful sets are one of our most popular ranges and come packed in a wooden presentation box. Each set contains stick and cones along with a holder which has the corresponding chakra on it.

Our incense gifts sets are a relatively new range which is ever growing. We are always on the look out for new and exciting sets for you.