Traditional Incense

Traditional Incense

Traditional Incense

Fair Trade Traditional IncenseTraditional incense is all handmade in Nepal and is hand rolled. Unlike your other types of incense,  traditional Tibeten incense is made with no inner stick. The natural materials are rolled tight so that there is no need for the bamboo.
The lack of inner stick means that they are better for the environment as there is no need for the wood and, it also means that the scent is not diluted.


There are so many different natural materials that can be used when making incense. Tibetan incense often uses healing herbs from the foot of the Himalayan mountain ranges along with precious stone depending on their intended use. To bind the ingredients together natural oils, wood resins and even honey are used.


There are many uses for incense and often the flavour decides the use. Fair Trade Traditional Incense Set
More often than not these days it is used as a home fragrance. They re however so much more than that.

They are often used in religious and spiritual ceremonies and are burnt in offerings to gods and the like.

Our Range

The uses for our range of fair trade Tibetan incense varies from meditation aids, to expelling negative karma and even promoting inner healing.
With scents like Jasmine, sandalwood and frankincense you can choose from sweet. earthy and even smoky depending on your personal preference.

Our incense range makes for great fair trade gifts. A treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend, we have a wide range for you to choose from.

How To Use

Fair Trade Traditional IncenseAs they have no inner stick, this means that they do not fit a traditional holder.  They need to be used with a holder that can accommodate a thicker base.  If you don’t have a holder then you can pop them upright in a pot of sand or soil.