Fair Trade Coasters

Fair Trade CoastersOur fair trade coasters are a wonderful way to help protect your tables and work tops. Not only are they helpful but, they look great too!

Hand carved in India by very skilled woodworkers and crafts people, these wooden coasters will help add something a little different to your home.


Did you know that the first coasters as we know them today were designed for wine? They were made so that decanters of wine could easily be slid around the dining table making sharing much easier. It was around 1760 that they became popular and were commonly used in many households. They started off in the shape of either as shallow bowl or a flat plate and were made from metal or papier-mache.

Now though they are made from a whole different range of materials and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Our Range

With a variety of styles and carvings for you from wiley foxes and wise owls  through to clucking chickens. Bring a touch of the outdoors and nature indoors.

We have coasters hand carved from wood and others which have been hand painted in traditional Nepalese designs.

Each wooden coaster is made from one single Fair Trade Wooden Coasters - Fox Coasterspiece of wood which is then carved into varying shapes using techniques that create the wonders that you see here. Once the coasters have been carved, they are then painted with a protective coating. Each and every coaster is different so you really will be buying something truly unique.

Our painted coasters come from the Mithilia region of Nepal and and painted using their traditional styles. This means you can expect bright colours and funky art works.

These coasters make for beautiful fair trade gifts for you to share with your fiends and family.
The range is ever expanding so check back soon.