Desk Calendars

Desk Calendars

Fair Trade Desk Calendars

Fair Trade Desk Calendars - Wooden CalendarsOur fair trade desk calendars make for a wonderful addition to any home or office. Bored of the usual boring calendars that are just block of wood or ones that you hang on your wall? Well, look no further as we have some wonderful wooden calendars here for you.


Eco Friendly

Each of our calendars are individual as they are all hand carved and hand painted. Hand carved in Bali Indonesia by very Fair Trade Desk Calendarsskilled artists each and every one is made from ethically sourced sustainable wood. What’s better that knowing that you are buying fair trade, ethical and eco friendly?! It is exactly because of this that these calendars are well loved by our customers.

Whether you are looking for something small and compact or something a little larger and more elaborate then we can help. We have lots of little calendars in the guise of cats, dogs and even boats. They gradually get larger and take shapes such as Buddha heads, fish and even ones that have a very hand pen pot on the side.

Be inspired and give one of these ethical fair trade calendars as a gift to brighten someone’s day.