Meditation Beads

Meditation Beads

Fair Trade Meditation Beads

Fair trade meditation beadsFair Trade Meditation Beads have been found to be a fantastic meditation aid. Our mallah meditation beads are are hand made and hand crafted with great love and care in Nepal.

Mallah means garland and so with these beads you can either wrap them around your wrist, your neck or anywhere else you find them easy to get to. Because they are easy to have on your person, you can take them everywhere you go.

Each of our mallah beads have been styled on the traditional Buddhist meditation beads.  The traditional style have 108 wooden beads. 108 is said to be a special number in Buddhism as between us and the divine there are said to be 108 threads.

Fair Trade Meditation Beads - Boxed Meditation Beads

Each set of beads has an explanation for the beads. Some even come in beautiful little presentation boxes which make them great ethical gifts.  As a result, guilt free gift giving. What’s better?!

Meditation beads really are a great aid when it comes to meditation, mantra chanting and even stress. Just feel your way around the beads down to the guru bead and then start again. You will be surprised at how quickly you feel the day wash away!

They make great fair trade gifts. Offer them up to a stressed friend in need or to someone just starting their journey through meditation.