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Money Boxes

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Fair Trade Money Boxes

Fair Trade Money BoxesOur fair trade money boxes are a bright, colourful and fun way to save money. Whether you are saving for something in particular or just your coppers, why not do so in something that makes you smile?!

Just because you are a grown up (ok not everyone is of course) does not mean that you cannot enjoy saving money in something unique.

Because our fair trade money boxes are so unique and not found on the high street, they are loved by everyone of all ages.

Our Range

From leather to ceramic and even wooden money boxes there is something to suit all tastes.

Our leather money boxes are all handmade and produced in India from Fair Trade Money Boxes - Leather Snail Moneyboxgenuine leather. The leather is hand cut and moulded. Once the desired shape has been made it is then embossed and finished off by being painted. The whole process is done by hand. As a result, you will find some amazing animal money boxes which go down a storm when given as fair trade gifts.

The ceramic money boxes are just as funky as the leather ones and come in an array of styles and designs. Ever wanted a rainbow cow to save your money in? Well, now you can have one. Bright spheres, camper vans and other designs galore.

Wooden money boxes make for stunning additions to your home. Many don’t even necessary look like money boxes and so offer up a surprise when people realise what they are . It is because of the fact that they don’t look like money boxes that makes them so popular. Not everyone likes to have boxes on display in their homes.

Why not treat yourself or a loved one today. A gift of a fair trade money box from our fair trade gift store goes a long way.
Such wonderful handicrafts should be shared!