Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Fair Trade Musical Instruments

Fair Trade Musical InstrumentsFair trade musical instruments are such a fun way to spend your time. Alone or with friends and family, here we have handmade musical instruments for anyone and everyone. With different sounds and styles galore, why not start your very own band?!

If you are after something a little different to the norm when it comes to your instruments then fear not, we are the online store for you.
We too like unique things, pretty things and handmade things and so, it is because of this that we are very proud of our range of Fair Trade musical instruments.

Each instrument has been handmade and hand tuned to great skill by some amazing craftsmen and women.
Percussion, wind instruments and others galore, come on in and start your musical journey with us.

Our Range of Musical Instruments

We have a wonderful selection here for you.

Fair Trade Guiros

Guiro’s – these lively wooden instruments make a wonderful croaking sound when the striker is rubbed along the spike. Guiro’s come in many guises. If you have ever wanted to play a frog, crocodile or grasshopper, well, now you can….

Thumb Piano’s – what a wonderful sound these beauties make. Made from a variety of wood and materials including coconut shells,  thumb pianos have a hollow base which creates a resonating chamber which is great for producing better sound. Tines (keys) are then added over the top which you then play. Our thumb piano’s are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fair Trade Singing BowlsSinging Bowls – now these really are something special! The sounds that these bowls emit when played is just simply stunning. Because of the sounds that they make, they are one of our absolute favourites here at The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium. They sure take some practice though however, all instruments do.

So, these are just a few examples of the fair trade musical instruments that we have to offer you. They really are fun for everyone and can be learnt by everyone. Who says that playing music has to be serious!

Each and everyone of these instruments make for wonderful fair trade gifts for people who like to play hand instruments.