Fair Trade Güiros

Fair Trade GuirosLooking for a fair trade musical instrument that is fun for all of the family? Fair trade güiros are just what you need. Small and easy to store, these wooden instruments are loved by everyone and super easy to play. They make a great sound that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Güiro Origins

Güiros are of Latin American descent and have been modelled on an Fair Trade Guiros - Wooden Grasshopper Guiroinstrument first created by the Aztecs. The word güiro was used as originally the instruments were made from the fruit of the guira tree. The actual fruit used is adapted depending on there they are made however these days, they are most traditionally made from guords or wood.

To make the fair trade güiros, wood or gourds are hollowed out and then parrallel notches are cut into one side. A stick or something alike is used to play it.

How to Play your Fair Trade Güiro

Fair Trade Guiro - Crocodile Guiro1)Hold the güiro in your dominant hand and then stick or tines (metal keys) in your other hand.
2) Use the stick or tines and rub down the parallel cuts. This will make the distinct sound associated with this particular hand played instrument. The stick can also be banged on top to produce a different sound.

Each güiro has been handmade with great care and skill.