Hand Drums

Hand Drums

Fair Trade Hand Drums

Fair Trade Hand DrumsFair trade hand drums are a wonderful way to get into the spirit of music. With any of our hand drums you will be amazed at the great sound and at how quickly you can loose yourself in the moment and the music.
Wonderful fun for folk of all ages.

A hand drum is, in a nutshell, is a drum which is played using your hands. Small beaters attached are ok however if you need to use sticks or anything other than hands, they are counted as different types of percussion drums.

Fair Trade hand drums are used all around the world for a plethora of Fair Trade Hand Drums - Giraffe Print Hand Drumreasons.  They are used in rituals, special ceremonies, music and are used for recreational fun. If you have ever played one then you will know why. If you haven’t, then you should because you will love it.

Each and every one of our drums and have been handmade with great skill. This really can be seen in the quality. Because we only want to pick the best for you, our range has started small but rest assured will continue to grow.