Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls

Fair Trade Singing Bowls

Fair Trade Singing BowlsAlthough fair trade singing bowls are often thought of as originating in Nepal, they in fact were originally created in China and were called standing bells.
The name standing bell is still used today but is not the most well known name. They were called so because a bell is exactly what they are just inverted. The rim is at the top instead of the bottom.


Fair trade singing bowls have multiple uses depending on who they are Fair Trade Singing Bowls - Hand Beaten Singing Bowlbeing by and when. There are some very common uses which are shared by most people who have a bowl.

Music – these metal bowls can create some absolutely stunning sounds which although are easily made, they are hard to master.

Meditation and Spirituality – playing a bowl helps immensely when it comes to meditation. The method of playing is very soothing as are the sounds which can aid relaxation and meditation leading to further spirituality.

Fair Trade Singing Bowls - Singing Bowl SetThere are many different styles and sizes of singing bowls that you can get depending on what you intend to use them for. All of the ones that we have here at our fair trade gift store are multipurpose and can be used for most things.
We have plain bowls for you, hand beaten, painted and gift sets. All of which have been hand made and are fair trade.

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