Fair Trade Puzzles

Fair Trade PuzzlesOur fair trade puzzles are a wonderful way to help settle the mind ease stress. They are a great aid to meditation and mindfulness. Not to mention they are great fun.

Our most popular puzzle is the one shaped like a traditional Mandala.
The mandala is seen everywhere these days and is a very spiritual symbol. The mandala is used in Buddhism and its continuous shape represent the universe. The universe is infinity because it has no beginning or end.

These mandala puzzles are perfect for all of the family. I know it will Fair Trade Puzzles - Folding Mandalacertainly keep the kids quiet fora little while…. As a result of this they are loved by many.

Each fair trade puzzle can be manipulated into 35 different shapes. Can you find them all?  Why not give it a go and see what you can do. You will be much more relaxed afterwards.

What a better fair trade gift that something that offers hours of fun and relaxation..