Trinket Boxes

Trinket Boxes

Fair Trade Trinket Boxes

Fair Trade Trinket BoxesLooking for somewhere to store your treasures that is different to what everyone else has? After something a little different and perhaps unusual? Something fair trade and fantastic? Well, look no further! We have you covered here at The Most Marvellous Gift Emporium with our fair trade trinket boxes.

From large hand carved chests through to small and delicate log boxes we have a little something for everything. We even have some fabulous puzzles boxes which have been handmade in Bali. Fun and practical!

Hand Made

Each and every one of our fair trade trinket boxes have been handmade Fair Trade Trinket Box - Carved Cashmiri Boxand are top class handicrafts.
Several different types of wood have been used depending on what is available at the time of making. We are pleased to say that the majority of the woods used are sustainable woods.
From fast growing mango wood all the way through to logs which have been found on the ground there is such a variety for you.

Fair Trade Trinket Box - Wooden LogWe also use wood and artisans from several countries such as India, Bali Indonesia and Thailand.

Our fair trade trinket boxes appeal to both the young and the old and make for such wonderful and thoughtful gifts.