Saa Paper and Its Sustainability

Saa Paper and Its Sustainability

Saa Paper and Its SustainabilitySaa paper is a brilliantly versatile paper that can be used for so many wonderful things. Many of which we have in store for you here. We are great fans of saa paper and its sustainability. Because of its sustainability it means that we can purchase guilt free and pass it on to our customers knowing that you will be making an ethical purchase. There really is something so satisfying about fair trade and ethical goods.

Where it Comes From

Saa paper is from a the Paper Mulberry plant which is native to Asia. This is a fast growing plat which can grow to heights of anywhere between 33 and 66ft tall. At times is has also been known to reach 115ft however this does not happen all of the time.  The paper is made using the smallest branches from the bush. After the rainy season in Thailand has ended, the branches are cut. By the time the new season comes the following year, they will have grown back. They really are that fast growing making them greatly environmentally friendly. The fact that you can cut it one season and then it has grown back within a year is just amazing. Nature truly is something quite special.

How it is MadeSaa Paper and Its Sustainability

As mentioned, the small branches of the mulberry bush are the ones chosen to be cut as they are the faster growing branches which as a result makes them the most sustainable. These branches are then steamed which softens the bark enough for it to be stripped from them.

After the bark has been stripped, it is soaked for some time in a water and soda crystal solution which softens and bleaches the bark. The bark needs to be lightened so that it is a blank canvas for the artisans to work with. Once light soft enough, it is then ripped into a pulp using a a machine.  The mixture is then drained and allowed to dry out creating a thick paste.

When the time to create the paper has arrived, the makers will put the paste back into a relatively deep pit of water. A spacial paper frame is used to make it. The frame is dipped repeatedly into the water allowing layer upon layer of the paste to build up on the frame. This is repeated until the desired thickness has been reached.  This is not an easy process and so the workers have to be very skilled in their craft! The paper thickness has to be even and perfect.

The frames are then popped outside in the sun and left to dry. This can take some time….
Due to the lightening process, this has made the paper perfect for dying which means that a huge range of colours can be added to the paper. It can then be used for magnificent things.

What it is Used For

Saa Paper and Its Sustainability - Saa Paper Hanging Mobile

The handicrafts that we have in store that it is used for is primarily our saa paper mobiles. These beauties are hanging mobiles which come is such a range of shapes, sizes and colours. The paper is easy to work with and the results are amazing.
As well as hanging mobiles we also have notebooks that have been made using it and they are a joy not only to look at but to write on too.

Saa paper and its sustainability is exactly why we are looking to increase our range so, watch this space……..


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